I first met Tom when he was the strength coach for the Stanwood football team and it was obvious to me he was much more than just a strength coach.  The year that he held that position the team had the fewest injuries I'd seen in sometime. It was the end of my son Dexter's' junior season and Dex decided that College football was what he wanted to do.  So Dexter and I set out some plans to accomplish this goal, a big part of that was Tom.  Tom and Dexter started working out together and within a few months Dexter had made huge gains in his strength and most importantly his flexibility , as that was his weak point.  There were mornings I would get up for work and Dexter would already be up and headed to Toms' gym to work out.(Note this was at 5 a.m.).  Tom saw the dedication in Dexter and he gave Dexter his all. No matter the time, Tom was there for Dexter.  I can't say enough about Tom Schram and what he has done for my son. I've watched his interaction with the kids in his gym and there is no doubt that he is a caring and genuine human being.  His dedication and commitment to excellence is bar non and I am proud to be associated with him and would recommended him every time.


-Dennis, Camano Island WA


I have been Tom Schrams client for over 7 months.
I wanted a trainer that would listen to my needs, be at the gym each day I needed to work out and encourage me when I was frustrated or on a weight plateau.  The Manager of the fitness program didn’t hesitate. She said Tom was the perfect trainer for me.
Tom, along with a nutritionist, has designed a specific program that not only addressed my weight issues, but my total health fitness needs.  He has provided me with the confidence and the tools to make this a life style now, not just a weight loss program that ends after several months.
To date I have lost 37 lbs.  Although I have 13 lbs to go, I don’t even worry about my goal.  It has truly become a lifestyle that I live everyday and look forward to my work outs with Tom.  I am turning 60 this next year.  To be as healthy as i have ever been at 60 is a thrill.  I also want to get back to snow skiing and that is easy to imagine now.
I have spent many hours with Tom over the past seven months and i have learned a lot about health and fitness as well as learning about Tom the person.  He is dedicated to his profession.  He shares stories about day to day life with me that indicate he is a wonderful husband, son and friend.  I highly respect him as a person to know and trust.
-Linda, Seattle WA


Tom is an excellent trainer. His technical knowledge and his ability to work around my injuries and adapt exercises for my golf game were a great asset. Tom has a calm demeanor and a good sense of humor, but he has the ability to push you to reach further than you think you can. I highly recommend Tom; you will get results."
-John, Seattle WA


When I first met with Tom, he asked my goals and my needs.  One of my needs was to alleviate hip pain.  He listened well and proceeded to put together a plan to address my hip issue as well as other goals. In a very short time my hips are feeling much better. We do a great combination of strength and core work every time and he mixes it up so it is never boring.  My workouts have been challenging and fun, and I so appreciate his willingness to work with me.
-Kay, Seattle WA


Our family has been training with Tom for a little over 3 years now.  We started when my son Luke was 9.  Luke was playing youth sports and during his football season that year he was becoming discouraged because he was bigger and slower than most kids his age and he wanted to be more competitive.  He wanted to be faster and stronger to play better. Luke was the youngest student athlete Tom had trained at that time.  He did a great job evaluating Luke’s strengths and weaknesses and put together an individual program that was age appropriate and sport specific. At this level, Tom worked on increasing Luke’s agility and speed and also taught him proper technique and movement for basic exercise skills.  His results were phenomenal and not only did his coaches notice, his PE teacher at the elementary school commented on how improved Luke had become in all fitness areas.  He is still a bigger kid for his age but he is stronger and faster than many kids in his class.  Now Tom is building on those basic training exercises and Luke is beginning to learn more intermediate moves and techniques. He is now wrestling as well and Tom is supplementing his wrestling conditioning.
About 3 months after Luke started workouts with Tom, my husband and I decided to start training also.  Both in our 40’s, we had different goals than Luke.  Michael was looking to get his legs stronger for ski season and to shed a few pounds.  Michael has lost his unwanted weight and is lean and strong. About a year ago, Michael broke his ankle and Tom was able to still have Michael training and strengthening his body while recovering from ankle surgery and slowly brought back his strength in that leg.  I was running several miles a week and wanted to supplement my cardio with some strength training.  I had no upper body strength when I started and I now weigh more but have great muscle definition and strength. Tom spent one on one time with me teaching me how to lift and  things not to do that I was doing! I’m a size smaller than I was in High School when I was competing in track.  I also have some running and sprinting workouts with Tom.  I have received great knowledge about exercising in general and I’m in the best shape since competing in sports when I was in High School.  Tom does great work!!


-Lola, Michael, Luke, Stanwood WA



My son is 17yrs old and is 6’10” he weighed 194 when he started with Tom now weighs 214 and lost body fat.  20lbs of pure muscle in 4 months!!!!
-Tim & Lauri, Stanwood WA

Tom Schram and Momentum Performance Training have helped me to reach my dream of playing college football.  The positive, no nonsense environment allows for the most serious of athletes as well as the recreational lifter to excel.  Tom and his staff are highly trained and will create a program designed specifically for you.  I still
remember going to Momentum for the first time and struggling to floor bench 95lbs.  Over the past 4 years Tom and his staff have worked with me and I now hold a weightlifting record for the Whitworth football team.  I am forever grateful for the work Tom and the staff at Momentum Performance Training have poured into me.

-Mike, Whitworth University

I have been working out for years on my own but never was able to achieve the results that I wanted.  In just 8 months of working out with Tom at Momentum, my body took on a whole new shape. I discovered muscles I never knew I had!  Through Tom's training, my running also improved.  The personalized training, constant encouragement and relaxed atmosphere are just a few of the things I love about Momentum. Tom is passionate about fitness and it shows!  He goes above and beyond for his clients.  He listens and helps you set realistic goals to achieve what you want. 

-Stacey, Stanwood WA

I have never had better results in such a short amount of time, nor more fun than when working out with Tom. His attention to an individualized program, plus his focus on safety and nutrition combine to provide for maximum results. I would recommend Momentum Fitness to anyone wanting to get in shape!

-Kiya & Lonnie, Stanwood WA

I have beentraining with Momentum Sports for almost 2 years. Back in April of 2013 I had a stroke. Tom Schram implemented a custom program for me to help me recover and strengthen the affected areas. Today I can say I am fully recovered, and as healthy and strong as I have ever been. I have lost close to 3% of my body weight with the help of Tom’s personalized program. Momentum Sports Training has been exactly what I have been looking for, to maintain a rigid exercise program.

-Phil & Mary, Camano Island WA