Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

-Michael Jordan


Over the past decade the emergence of club sports has taken over the lives of many young athletes.  This has opened the door for private youth training to allow young athletes to develop but also excel at their given sport.  Year round club sports can create any over use injuries due to the repetitive nature of most sports and the demanding practice schedules.


Momentum Performance training has made it a point of emphasis to help young athletes develop correctly in order to achieve personal goals and maintain a mostly injury free career no matter the length.


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Youth training

strength training

speed & agility


“If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it”



Nutrition is possibly the most important part of becoming more athletic and just healthier.  Our goal at Momentum Performance Training is to encourage better eating habits based on a whole foods diet.  We believe that the best way to become a healthier happier person is to get our nutrients from natural sources.
We are always available to talk about nutrition and we have a large network of doctors that we can refer out to if you are looking for more in depth guidance.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

-Friedrich Nietzsche 

Here at Momentum performance training our goal is to build the most balanced, strong people possible.  This is done by balancing the Anterior and Posterior Chain muscles and then training each person through all three planes of movement.  
Each member receives a personal program that is designed for them. We utilize TRX Suspension Trainers, kettle bells, dumbbells, weight vests, bands and more to achieve a well rounded workout.

Throughout my career I swam for form. Speed came as a result of it.

-Johnny Weissmuller 
Speed and Agility training is a key component for developing athletes.  It is necessary for them to be able to understand where their body is in space and be able to move quickly when needed.  We focus on running and sprinting mechanics and multi directional training to enhance each athletes ability to move quickly and powerfully in a more efficient manner.